Restart® is a 5-week program. Part nutrition class, part sugar elimination, part support group - an empowering combination!
Are you ready for increased energy, enhanced cognitive performance, better, more restful sleep, decreased anxiety, stabilized moods, and balanced hormones?


Week 1
How to prepare for your real food, sugar detox challenge.

Week 2
Our whole food challenge starts now! We learn about macronutrients and proper digestion.

Week 3
Cravings, sugar, and proper blood sugar balance.

Week 4
The skinny on fats and why they are vital to optimal health.

Week 5
Tools and tips on how to move forward, as well as a celebration of your successes!


Class Information


Contact us at if you are interested in receiving news about future online or in-person classes.

Cost $225

Space is limited to 10 participants per class

In addition to the group meetings, you will receive weekly materials, the RESTART cookbook, and exclusive online health assessments used by JM Wellness