About Jen

Hi! I'm Jen and I'm passionate about helping you discover the most vibrant version of YOU. I love impromptu dance parties, long savasanas, red pandas, and celebratory glasses of bubbly.
My own journey may sound familiar to you. I battled hormonal imbalances starting at 11, severe acne (and the subsequent years of antibiotics to treat it), had low energy and brain fog for as long as I could remember, developed food intolerances, fluctuated size and weight, and have waded through the overall “blehs.” I tried all the quick-fix options I knew of and all I ended up doing was sending myself deeper into an unhealthy spiral.
What changed? I decided I was worth the time and energy that I was devoting to everything else in my life but myself. I knew that much of my journey would involve showing up in the world in an authentic way. I had to stop looking at my body as the enemy, something to be put down and picked apart. I had to honor my capabilities and embrace my body as my friend. With kindness, compassion, and patience.
As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and yoga teacher, I am fascinated by the connections between the emotional body and physical body and how, by supporting both, we will find ourselves on the path to optimal health. I am passionate about sharing what I have learned with others, putting knowledge into practice and building a community of people ready to support each other on their own journeys.
I have dedicated myself to building my most vibrant self from the ground up. Here is what I now know. There is no magic pill, no quick fix. The journey to health takes time and commitment. I am worth this effort. You are too.
Our bodies have the innate intelligence to heal.
Together we will create tailored solutions for YOU to achieve your goals and help you live your most vibrant life.
Are you ready to start your journey?
Nutritional Therapy Association: Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Restorative Wellness: Digestion, Adrenals, Blood Chemistry
Holistic Mineral Balancing: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
Art of Muscle Testing
American University: Master of Public Administration
Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition TM (Cand)
Reiki Master
Integrative Medicine Health Coach - In progress
Insights Discovery and Crucial Conversations Certified Facilitator
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training