About Jen

Hi! I'm Jen and I'm passionate about helping you discover the most vibrant version of YOU. I love impromptu dance parties, long savasanas, red pandas, and celebratory glasses of bubbly.
My own journey may sound familiar to you. I battled hormonal imbalances starting at 11, severe acne (and the subsequent years of antibiotics to treat it), had low energy and brain fog for as long as I could remember, developed food intolerances, was a walking ball of inflammation, and have waded through the overall “blehs.” I tried all the quick-fix options I knew of and all I ended up doing was sending myself deeper into an unhealthy spiral.
What changed? I decided I was worth the time and energy that I was devoting to everything else in my life but myself. I knew that much of my journey would involve showing up in the world in an authentic way. I had to stop looking at my body as the enemy, something to be put down and picked apart. I had to honor my capabilities and embrace my body as my friend. With kindness, compassion, and curiosity.
As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Reiki master, and yoga teacher I am fascinated by the connections between the emotional body and physical body and how, by supporting both, we will find ourselves on the path to optimal health. I am passionate about sharing what I have learned with others, putting knowledge into practice and building a community of people ready to support each other on their own journeys.
I have dedicated myself to building my most vibrant self from the ground up. Here is what I know. There is no magic pill. No quick fix. The journey to health takes time and commitment. I am worthy of this effort. You are too.
Together we will create tailored solutions for YOU to achieve your goals and help you live your most vibrant life.
Nutritional Therapy Association: Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Restorative Wellness: Digestion, Adrenals, Blood Chemistry
Holistic Mineral Balancing: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
Art of Muscle Testing
American University: Master of Public Administration
Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition TM (Cand)
Reiki Master
Integrative Medicine Health Coach - In progress
Insights Discovery and Crucial Conversations Certified Facilitator
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Jen Minnich Wellness