Your journey to the most vibrant and healthy version of yourself begins today and I’m here to be your coach and guide. The work has to be done by you, but you are not alone. I’ll be your greatest advocate on your own personalized path to wellness. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Yoga Instructor, I am here to evaluate, educate, and encourage you as you shift dietary and lifestyle choices that promote optimal health. Your body has the innate intelligence to find balance and healing and can communicate nutritional needs to support the detoxification and healing process.

We will implement individualized dietary changes and nourish and honor your body with properly prepared nutrient rich foods in order to build a balanced foundation. We’ll look for the root causes of the issues you are facing. Our goal will be create a plan that helps you live the most authentic version of yourself.

Are you ready to prioritize your health? Contact us for your complimentary 20-minute consultation to determine if we’re a good fit for you and your goals!
Together we will discover the most nourished and vibrant version of YOU.


Functional Nutrition

Are you ready to share the most nourished and vibrant version of yourself with the world? Nutritional therapy is a comprehensive functional approach to nutrition where we will work together to address the underlying root causes of your priority health issues using a holistic approach. We will build a customized plan that respects your bio-individuality and work together to implement YOUR plan for optimal health.

Complementary Consultation (20 minutes):

We strongly believe that your healing journey is most effective when working with a practitioner you trust and build a partnership with. Please contact us to arrange your twenty minute conversation to ensure we are the best fit for you and your goals.


We ask that new clients commit to a minimum of a three-month package in order to set you up for success on your healing journey.

  • 3 months - initial consultation + 3 follow-up appointments
  • 6 months - initial consultation + 6 follow-up appointments
  • 12 months - initial consultation + 12 follow-up appointments

Packages include unlimited text and email support. If there is an issue that cannot be adequately resolved via electronic communication, you will be asked to schedule a session.

What to Expect:

Initial Consultation (90 minutes – in person or virtual):

In our initial session, we assess your current health baseline and discuss your health and wellness concerns, goals, and priorities. This consultation includes a comprehensive health assessment, dietary review, and online nutritional assessment questionnaire. 

You will be introduced to the functional evaluation, and we use the information from the initial consultation and a variety of techniques (reflex points, palpations, muscle and lingual-neuro tests) to discover where your body may be out of balance. We use all of these puzzle pieces to determine which nutrients will best support your body moving to a more balanced state.

Follow-Up Appointments (60 minutes):

These sessions are tailored for you. We will discuss your progress, revisit your goals and priorities, and use various functional evaluation assessments to refine your protocol. Your body is constantly trying to create balance from within. 

Individual sessions:

After the initial package is complete, clients may pay for individual sessions or continue with an additional package.

Trainings and Workshops:

JM Wellness provides a number of workshops and trainings, with topics ranging from digestion, adrenal fatigue (HPA dysfunction), whole food diets, eliminating sugar, stress management, yoga, and more. Whether you are looking for corporate training or a neighborhood group lecture, we will create a unique program that encourages learning, interaction, community, and a sense of empowerment regarding choices you can make about your health as individuals and as a group.

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* Please note that Nutritional Therapy services are not covered by insurance. Payment is expected at time of service.*

What clients are saying

  • Jen has such a warm, healing presence that it's hard not to want to come back weekly rather than monthly! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to feel better in their body and to learn more about their body as well.
    — JM
  • Jen is absolutely the best! She is extremely diverse in her skills - always incorporating new therapies, trainings, and certifications into her practice. She is also very thorough, responsive, and always makes sure all my questions are answered. I've seen such a difference since working with her and recommend her wholeheartedly!
    — JB
  • I recently had a baby and getting ready to head back to work, I was looking to get back into shape while maintaining a healthy milk supply. Jen helped me to balance the right nutrition for me and my baby, while being able to reach my goals. From looking at supplements for both the baby and myself to diet and exercise, we discussed all aspects in order to make valuable changes to help find the right balance.
    — CJ
  • I never realized I had food guilt in the mornings, I didn't even know that was a thing. When I first realized it was no longer happening, I almost cried from happiness! I do not give one thought to the previous days food!! I am really feeling committed to staying with this new lifestyle and I love my new found energy!
    — CH
  • Everyone should invest the time to better understand the relationship between food and how it makes you feel and how it fuels your body. I've gained insight into my own choices and how I can eat for optimal health.
    — BP
  • While I've spent time research WHAT to eat, Jen taught me WHY. Understanding how digestion and blood sugar handling impact my health really helped me commit to nutritional changes. The education and support she provides have helped me ditch old habits and create long lasting new ones.
    — JJ
  • The RESTART program is the only plan that has truly changed the way I view food. For the first time ever I feel like I have the knowledge to help me choose nourishing foods.
    — TT
  • At first I thought the changes Jen recommended would require big sacrifices, but I was wrong! I've learned to use food to my advantage for energy and mental clarity while still enjoying myself and great food. It is awesome and empowering to understand the signals your body gives you.
    — LH